Energy-Efficient Materials

Nowadays, saving energy and having a green building concept is an attractive method in architecture for either construction or renovation. Common and traditional construction materials have CO2 emission problems during the process of the production for those materials which primarily lead to climate change. They also lack the energy saving feature which is now important for heating and cooling demands inside buildings. Energy efficiency construction materials can offer a new way to make eco- friendly buildings while they are affordable, safe and can provide healthy living. We can suggest some of the popular green materials below.

Recycled steel

Many houses in Canada are using a lot of trees during their building process. Steel is one of the most common materials to be recycled. Steel structures can be quite useful in regions where there are earthquakes and high winds.

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Insulating concrete forms

This material can be the best solution for saving energy as concrete will be used between two insulating layers and left in a place which can be applied as building blocks and walls.

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Thermal insulation

Fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam insulations are suitable for saving energy in heating and cooling inside the building by being applied to floors, roofs, and walls within the main materials in the structure.

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Low emissive windows

These kinds of windows can save energy and cost more than ordinary windows. They also have their limitations for heat and cold flows inside and outside of buildings.

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Straw bales

This material can provide nice insulation for saving energy and reducing flows of heat and cold outside of buildings. Even though they should be kept dry (with the help of moisture insulation).

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Cool roof

This kind of roof is designed and constructed to reflect more sunlight in order to reduce the absorption of solar energy which can be a problem during hot days in summer.

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This list will be updating …