Building Mounted/Integrated Wind Turbines Advantages


1. Height Advantage without Large Towers:

  • Advantage:
    • Description: Building-mounted wind turbines take advantage of the height of the building itself. This allows for elevated placement without the need for constructing large towers.
    • Benefit: By utilizing the building’s structure as a support, these turbines can achieve elevated positions, tapping into higher wind speeds available at greater heights.

2. Disturbed Flows around Buildings:

  • Advantage:
    • Description: Buildings can disrupt and alter the flow of wind around them. In some cases, this disruption can lead to locally increased wind speeds near the building.
    • Benefit: Building-mounted wind turbines can capitalize on these locally increased wind speeds, potentially enhancing energy yields compared to open sites where wind speeds may be more uniform.

3. Increased Energy Yields Relative to Open Sites:

  • Advantage:
    • Description: The combination of height advantage and disturbed flows around buildings can result in increased wind speeds at the turbine location.
    • Benefit: The higher wind speeds may lead to higher energy yields for building-mounted wind turbines compared to turbines in open sites with lower and more uniform wind speeds.

4. Aesthetic Integration:

  • Advantage:
    • Description: Building-mounted turbines can be integrated into the design of the building, contributing to aesthetic appeal.
    • Benefit: This integration can be particularly advantageous in urban and architectural contexts, where the turbines become part of the building’s overall design and contribute to a sustainable and visually appealing structure.

5. Localized Power Generation:

  • Advantage:
    • Description: Building-mounted wind turbines can generate power close to the point of use, reducing the need for extensive transmission infrastructure.
    • Benefit: Localized power generation can enhance energy resilience and contribute to distributed energy systems.

6. Urban Wind Potential:

  • Advantage:
    • Description: Urban environments often have complex wind patterns due to the presence of buildings and structures.
    • Benefit: Building-mounted wind turbines can tap into the unique wind dynamics of urban areas, capturing wind energy in locations where traditional ground-mounted turbines may face challenges.

Building-mounted wind turbines offer a unique set of advantages, making them suitable for specific applications, especially in urban environments. While they may not provide the same scale as large, utility-scale wind farms, their integration into building structures can contribute to distributed energy generation and enhance the overall sustainability of urban landscapes.