Domestic Types


1. Flat Plate Unglazed & Plastic Absorber Collectors:

  • Characteristics:
    • Low Cost: These collectors are cost-effective.
    • Low Temperature (0-10°C Rise): Suited for applications with relatively low-temperature requirements.
    • Rugged and Lightweight: Built to withstand environmental conditions, they are lightweight.
    • Seasonal Pool Heating: Commonly used for seasonal pool heating applications.
    • Poor Performance in Cold or Windy Weather: May not perform optimally in colder or windy conditions.
  • Applications:
    • Primarily used for low-temperature applications such as pool heating.

2. Flat Plate Glazed Collectors:

  • Characteristics:
    • Simple Construction: Relatively straightforward in design and construction.
    • Insulation and Glazing: Insulation and glazing prevent heat loss, allowing for higher temperature operation.
    • High-Temperature Operation (0-50°C Rise): Suited for applications requiring higher temperature rises.
    • Moderate Cost: Offers a balance between cost and performance.
    • Heavy and Bulky: The construction makes them heavier and bulkier than unglazed counterparts.
    • Easier to Integrate: Can be more easily integrated into various systems.
  • Applications:
    • Suitable for residential and commercial water heating, space heating, and other applications requiring moderate temperatures.

3. Evacuated Tube Collector:

  • Characteristics:
    • Very Good at Reaching High Temperature (10-150°C Rise): Efficient at achieving higher temperature differentials.
    • No Convection Heat Loss: Reduced heat loss due to the vacuum-insulated tubes.
    • Difficult to Integrate into Roof: The design may pose challenges when integrating into existing roofs.
    • Suitable for Cold Climates: Performs well in cold climates due to its ability to reach higher temperatures.
    • Fragile: The tubes can be delicate and require careful handling.
    • Costs More than Flat Plate: Generally, evacuated tube collectors are more expensive than flat plate collectors.
  • Applications:
    • Suitable for applications requiring higher temperatures, such as solar water heating, space heating, and industrial processes.

Each type of solar collector has its advantages and is suited to specific applications based on factors like temperature requirements, cost considerations, and environmental conditions. The choice depends on the specific needs of the intended application and the desired performance characteristics.